Helping parents of Internet-enabled kids

Who is this guy?

I'm just a parent who loves technology. I've worked professionally as an IT generalist for 16 years, much of that time spent in small or midsize companies doing a full range of IT work. I run this site as a hobby (which my wife tells me I desperately need) as well as a creative outlet.

My first computer experience was with an ancient teletype machine connected by phone to the MECC Timeshare System. I was 12 years old, and immediately hooked. This was long ago, when connection speeds were measured in bits (rather than Megabits) and having a screen was considered a luxury (everything printed out on large rolls of yellow paper). If you were lucky your school had such a teletype dedicated to student use, but even the early adopters of home computer technology were about 3 years away from being able to purchase a system commercially.

By comparison, my own kids have been surrounded by personal computer technology their entire lives. From the time they started kindergarten they have had access to networked computers in the classroom, at home, and pretty much everywhere they go. They have nearly instant access to an almost unimaginable wealth of information, not just text but audio, images, and video. They can easily connect live with people around the world to chat, text, game, exchange files, or just lurk in the background. I have heard that occasionally they even use this technology for school work, although this is an unsubstantiated rumor. For their generation this is the natural state of things, and neither they nor their peers can imagine an existence without Internet access.

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